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Individual Psychotherapy

Relate Ability Centre  is for everyone; all ages, all abilities.


We offer an integrated psychotherapeutic approach that includes talking therapy, creative therapy and play therapy.

Individual Psychotherapy  at Relate Ability Centre provides a safe space for you to explore your inner world and your life experience.


Our therapists  are all highly experienced in helping with a wide range of presenting issues that cover the full range of life's experiences.

Our work is informed by -

attachment theory,  developmental theory, trauma theory, systems theory and interpersonal neurobiology.

We offer a systemic model for cared for children and adults, encompassing assessment, staff training and education, individual psychotherapy and ongoing staff support. This is particularly relevant for individuals who have experienced extensive trauma and/or multiple attachment disruptions.


Individual Supervision

At the Relate Ability Centre we provide individual clinical supervision for psychotherapists, play therapists, creative therapists, psychologists, social workers, social care workers or anyone working with a vulnerable population.



We also provide specialist group supervision for therapists, social workers or care staff teams working in the field of intellectual disability and residential care.


If you are interested in joining a supervision group for you work in ID you can contact us to check for availability.

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