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Psychoeducational Group Work

Our group work has been designed for adults living in care or attending shared services together, who have experienced bereavement or loss, interpersonal trauma, disrupted attachments or other life experiences that can make it difficult to form safe relationships.

Healthy social engagement produces benefits in the body including increased resilience to stress, a decrease in mental health issues and a decrease in other illnesses.

Seen, Safe, Soothed & Secure

Attachment based group work facilitates group learning based on the power of healthy relationship. Through discovering how to bring our bodies from an alarm state back to a safety state, we learn how to soothe ourselves, the people around us, and learn how this helps everyone feel more secure in the world.

Using the power of the group's collective wisdom our therapists help to facilitate a place of safety and learning, providing psychoeducation throughout, with a focus on self regulation and co-regulation.

Group Work as Assessment

Living with an intellectual disability can sometimes lead to a distrust in therapeutic services. With a lifetime of being done to and done for by professionals, some people, who might otherwise benefit from a psychotherapeutic relationship, might find it too intimidating to begin with a one to one therapy model. 

Psychotherapeutic group work can be a more appropriate starting point for those who have been injured in relationship.

Our group work can be used as an assessment tool to aid in assessing a person's readiness to engage in a therapeutic process.  Group work introduces a route to individual psychotherapy that can support each person in making  their own informed decision about what is right for them.

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