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Consultancy :  Organisational Support

Designed specifically to suit the needs of your organisation, the Relate Ability Centre provides a systemic approach to support staff; social workers, social care workers & other supporting staff, who are supporting people in care. Our approaches of support include:


  • Trauma & Attachment Psychoeducation

  • ID education

  •  Therapeutic support training (for staff supporting children or adults attending therapy)

  • Reflective practice & Supervision

  • Co-Regulation & Self Care Practice

Consultancy : Psychotherapeutic Assessment

At Relate Ability Centre we offer a trauma informed assessment service in order to identify, explore and support each person's emotional and social needs. 

 This is done through  a series of  assessment psychotherapy sessions; meetings with professionals and significant others in the person's life; a full review of  relevant documentation; and the provision of a comprehensive report that draws all strands together in understanding needs, and making recommendations for the person's ongoing care. 

Bespoke staff training is offered at the completion of the assessment period to support the implementation of recommendations. 

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